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Federal Mogul Engine Rebuild Kit Fits Isuzu C240 4 Grooves

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Federal Mogul Engine Rebuild Kit Fits Isuzu C240 4 Grooves

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High quality engine rebuild kit that fits Isuzu C240 engines.

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In rebuilding your engine, best results start with the careful selection of top branded parts for your engine. For this reason, we sell only top quality overhaul rebuild kit for the Isuzu C240 engine consisting the following:

  • Federal Mogul Cylinder Liner Set P/N 9-11261-230-0 9-11261-230-1
  • Federal Mogul Piston Assembly 4 Grooves Including Pin and Retainer, Standard Size P/N 5-12111-064-0 9-12111-813-0 5-12411-064-0
  • TP Piston Ring Set Standard Size (Made in Japan) P/N 5-12121-007-0 5-12181-027-0 5-12181-028-0 9-12181-603-0 9-12181-605-0
  • Federal Mogul Overhaul Gasket Set P/N 5-87810-208-6
  • Taiho Main Bearing Set Standard Size (Made in Japan) P/N 5-11510-021 5-11510-005 9-11510-163 9-11510-149
  • Taiho Connecting Rod Bearing Set Standard Size(Made in Japan) P/N 5-12271-005 9-12271-168
  • Taiho Cam Shaft Bearing Set Standard Size (Made in Japan) P/N 5-11610-002 5-11610-005 9-11610-602 9-11610-032
  • Taiho Thrust Washer Set Standard Size (Made in Japan) P/N 9-11581-057
  • Taiho Pin Bushing Set Standard Size (Made in Japan) P/N 9-12251-062

 While some sellers mix branded parts with unbranded components (i.e. so-called OEM parts) in their rebuild kit, we sell only branded parts as part of this kit. Using high quality brands in your rebuild project is important due to increased reliability these parts offer, which is something that cannot be assured if no-name parts are used or mixed. The reason unbranded aftermarket parts are cheap is that they have no brand name to protect and that there is high risk of an engine part failing prematurely or unexpectedly which could lead to re-doing the rebuild project. At RYT Ventures, we believe that rebuilding your engine is something that has to be done right on first attempt and that there is no room for trial and error. That is why, we will provide you with engine rebuild parts that are of highest quality and that is what you are seeing exactly in this rebuild kit.

Please match up your old pistons to the pictures before buying this kit.

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